Partnership Grant Program

The Partnership Grant Program is a funding source available to state agencies, municipalities and non-profits that work in the 25 cities and towns of the Blackstone Heritage Corridor. Grants are awarded in a competitive process and requires a match of at least 1 : 1. Projects eligible for funding include:

  • Preservation, rehabilitation or restoration of historic buildings and landscapes,
  • Habitat restoration, park development, trails, and/or river clean-ups,
  • Canoe/kayak access sites and/or recreational development,
  • Educational programs, exhibits and/or interpretive signs, publications,
  • Community revitalization and enhancement projects,
  • Heritage and sustainable tourism projects or programs, and
  • Projects or programs engaging youth and/or minority populations in awareness and stewardship of the Valley’s heritage.

Applicants are encourage to speak with Charlene Perkins Cutler, Executive Director of Blackstone Heritage Corridor, Inc. prior to applying to verify that their project and organization are eligible to apply for the Partnership Grant Program.

There is no active grant round at this time. Please check back in January 2016.