Exploring the Blackstone River Valley


Includes Chepachet, Harmony and West Glocester

Settled in 1639, Incorporated in 1731

  • The second elephant to arrive in the United States, Betty, the Learned Elephant, was murdered during a parade in Chepachet in 1826
  • Home to the Ancients and Horribles Parade, occurring every Independence Day since 1926
  • From 1841 to 1842 Thomas Wilson Dorr led the Dorr Rebellion in an attempt to change the State’s electoral rules in favor of the less fortunate
  • Durfee Hill in Glocester is 804 feet, making it the second highest point in Rhode Island
  • Glocester voted to changed the spelling of the town from Gloucester to Glocester in order to avoid confusion with the town of Gloucester, MA

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