Old Slater Mill National Historic Landmark
Old Slater Mill National Historic Landmark

Includes the neighborhoods of Fairlawn, Darlington, Woodlawn, and Park Terrace.

Settled in 1671, Incorporated in 1886

  • Pawtucket means “river fall” in the Algonquian language
  • On April 18, 1981, the longest baseball game (33 innings) was played at McCoy Stadium
  • The Mackinac Tragedy occurred on August 18, 1925, as the steamer was returning to Pawtucket with 672 passengers after an excursion to Newport. As the ship sailed back to Pawtucket, the boiler exploded that killed 55 people on board and injured 150 more. This is one of the deadliest maritime disasters in Rhode Island history.
  • Before European settlers arrived in the Pawtucket are, it was the most populated region in New England
  • The Hasbro Company has its headquarters here
  • Slater Park features the historic Looff Carousel
  • The “Father of the Industrial Revolution,” Samuel Slater, made Pawtucket his home the Slater Mill still stands today

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