GO!2018 On-line Submission Form

GO! 2018 Submission form

Draft of form to be submitted for listing in the GO! 2018 program
  • You can list up to 3 dates.
  • Describe what Participants Will See and Do - Descriptions are limited to 50 words. BHC Partners and Members may expand up to 75 words. In all cases BHC may edit for clarity, consistency and interest.
  • Person who should be contacted for any inquiries related to the event.
  • Person who should be contacted if the primary contact is unavailable.
  • BHC volunteers (including VIPs) who are leading a GO! 2018 activity are expected to:

    • Obtain written permission from the landowner if my organization does not own the private property where the activity will take place. (Be sure to provide the written permission to BHC before the activity is finalized.)
    • Participate in 1 training workshop, normally held in mid-August.
    • Follow all BHC, Inc. program guidelines.
    • Ensure that participants wear properly fitted helmets and other safety gear for all biking, paddling, and horse activities.
    • Provide all assistance required, including any necessities to make my GO! Experience successful.
    • Wear a GO! Leader t-shirt.
    • Promptly submit the registration/participation sheets to BHC for our files.

    A great deal of advanced marketing will be done for BHC’s GO! program and it is essential to deliver all that the published program promises! Therefore, by signing below you understand that, once the submission is confirmed, you cannot cancel or change submission in any way. You also understand the requirements and responsibilities and agree to participate in BHC’s GO! 2018. BHC reserves the right to decline proposals.