History of Industry

Village of Hopedale

Hopedale, MA

The bridge over the water.

The Parklands

Hopedale began as a religious community. The Reverend Aden Ballou and his followers attempted to create a perfect community - based on the ideas of pacifism, abolitionism, and temperance. One of his followers, Ebenezer Draper, opened a small machine shop where he made automatic loom temples. This important part of a loom prevents the cloth being woven from bunching up and jamming the machine. Draper's Little Red Shop eventually grew into the Draper Loom Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of looms in the world.

Photograph of a loom highlighting the temples.

Draper Loom Temple, photo courtesy of the Little Red Shop

Today, explore Hopedale and see how the goals of the original commune helped guide the growth of this mill village. In particular, take time to visit the Parklands,built around the Hopedale mill pond for the workers to enjoy.

Image of the Parklands from the late 19th century.

The Parklands

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