North Smithfield

Includes the villages of Forestdale, Primrose, Waterford, Branch Village, Union Village, Park Square and Slatersville

Settled in 1666, Incorporated in 1871

  • In 1666 approximately 2,000 acres was deeded to John Mowry and Edward Inman by a Native, Quashawannamut (also known as William Minnian). The land was then divided between the two men along with Nathaniel Mowry, John Steere, and Thomas Walling
  • In the 18th century North Smithfield was home to a major Quaker community that spread all the way to Uxbridge, Massachusetts
  • Slatersville is a village that was built on the Branch River in 1803 by Samuel and John Slater. The village was built around the textile mill which was powered by the water from the Slatersville reservoir
  • The Slater family owned the village until 1900 and was sold to James Hooper who used the mill to bleach and dye cloth
  • During this time period, the dyes used in the mill would be disposed of in the river, causing the river to change color on a regular basis
  • Union Village, once known as Bank Village, was the site of the first bank in northern Rhode Island

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