Includes the villages of Esmond, Georgiaville, Mountaindale, Hanton City, Stillwater and Greenville

Settled in 1636, Incorporated in 1731

  • Birthplace of Elizabeth Buffman Chace, a Quaker abolitionist and women’s rights activist who had ties to the Underground Railroad
  • Hanton City is a colonial-era “ghost town” consisting of several stone foundations, a burial site, defunct dam, and a dilapidated scattering of stone walls. This settlement was completely isolated from the main town, leading to many theories about what happened here and why it was abandoned
  • There are many apple orchards throughout Smithfield, mostly in the village of Greenville. Street and business names reflect the strong apple orchard community in the area
  • The village of Georgiaville was named after the Georgiaville Cotton Manufacturing Cotton mill
  • The A&W Restaurant is a staple in the community and is affectionately called “the last car hop in Rhode Island”

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