Turkey Vultures

If you drive around the Blackstone Valley frequently, you have undoubtedly seen large black birds soaring overhead.  Not hawks, not ravines or crows.  Turkey vultures!

They could easily be mistaken for roosting wild turkeys as they are a like size and demeanor.  I saw one perched in a tree at the side of Route 102 in Burrillville a week ago.  However, up close, there is no mistaking turkey vultures for another species.  They are one ugly bird!

The Red Planet

I love watching the night sky and we are lucky that there are parts of our Blackstone Heritage Corridor where there is dark country, places sufficiently devoid of man-made lighting where one can still see the night’s sky.  Not really an amateur astronomer – more of a celestial cheerleader, I find it easy to get caught up in information about astronomical occurrences.

Charlene’s Welcome to the Blackstone Valley!

I’ve been working here in the Blackstone Heritage Corridor for a little over a year.  What a great experience!  I’ve met lovely, interesting people who have all helped to orient me to life in the Valley and I am grateful for their many kindnesses.  I’ve come to really appreciate the days when I can leave the office and explore the 25 towns in the National Heritage Corridor, although those days are not as frequent as I’d like.  The exploring days always inspire some additional reading or provoke a memory which I may share as part of the blog on our new website.  Stay tuned!

Charlene Cutler is the Executive Director of Blackstone Heritage Corridor, Inc.