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Board & Staff Members

Board and Staff

All staff can be reached by calling (508) 234-4242.
Telephone extensions and email addresses are listed below.

Devon Kurtz, Executive Director                                        Ext: 100
[email protected]

Molly Cardoza, Director of Volunteer & Community Engagement         Ext: 102
Includes Volunteers-In-Parks program
[email protected]

Bonnie Combs, Marketing Director                                   Ext: 101

Kerri Arsenault, Office Manager     Ext. 103

[email protected]

Board of Directors

  • Dennis H. Rice, Chairperson – [email protected]
  • Jon Roberts, Vice Chairperson
  • Harry T. Whitin, Vice Chairperson
  • Bill Beitler, Treasurer
  • Lee Dillard Adams, Secretary
  • Richard T. Moore, Immediate Past Chairperson



  • Richard T. Moore
  • Bill Beitler
  • Robert Billington
  • Jeannie Hebert
  • Harry T. Whitin
  • Donna M. Williams
  • Richard Gregory
  • Paul Jones
  • Mary Benvenuto
Board of Directors (1)

Board of Directors:

(Top row) Dennis Rice, Board Chair; Harry Whitin, Vice Chair; John Roberts, Vice Chair; Lee Dillard Adams, Secretary; (center row) Bill Beitler, Treasurer; Senator Richard Moore, Immediate Past Chair; Mary Benvenuto; Robert Billington; (bottom row) Richard Gregory; Jeannie Hebert; Paul Jones; Donna Williams.