Working Together

For the several decades, the Blackstone Heritage Corridor has invested in communities and non-profits. More than $6 million has been awarded to date and, with matching funds from the applicants, work was completed with impacts of more than $15 million.

Reimagining Our Future

Every day, more than 60 nonprofits, together with local businesses and government agencies, across 25 communities in two states do essential work to preserve our beautiful and historic valley.

We have the most impact when we support each other.  Our community partners are eager and excited to work more closely together but need the resources to do so.

Since the very beginning, Blackstone Heritage Corridor has served as the connecting hub, keeping every partner in this large network informed and in sync with the others. We are uniquely knowledgeable about community needs. Our past grant making, especially for those with limited budgets, helped bring needed projects to life or improve organizational capacity.

Because our federal funding was reduced, our goal is to continue to revitalize efforts to convene, inform, and coordinate our community partners.

The Blackstone Heritage Corridor has successfully served as the critical hub for the Corridor by managing resources in the most effective way for our community partners. The impact to our communities is boundless when we put our actions and resources together. By expanding our community partner grants program, we can help our partners create and improve amenities and storytelling to enhance the historic, natural, and recreational treasures of the Corridor for more access and enjoyment.

Our goals:

  • Increase our Community Partner Grants.
  • Assess the upcoming needs of all of our partners.
  • Organize a new Partners Coordinating Council to facilitate learning exchanges and coordinated planning for joint efforts on mutual needs like organization development, interpretation, marketing, and fundraising.

Read more about how to submit a request here.


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