The Smell of Christmas

The family tradition of cutting our own Christmas tree goes back to my childhood.  I remember walking for what seemed like miles with my Dad across the rocky fields of my grandmother’s farm.  My Mom had me wrapped up tighter than a mummy with heavy woolen snow pants, coat, mittens, hat and scarf, and rubber boots with multiple layers of wool socks – I walked like a zombie from The Walking Dead with joints incapable of movement.  Dad held my hand and helped me over the rougher terrain.  After all, I was only about four years old at the time of my first tree-cutting adventure.


It’s nearly Christmas and there are so many a special memories associated with the season.  My husband and I became engaged during the holidays many years ago, while enjoying a beautiful snowy escape in Old Quebec with its culinary traditions like tourtière.  So our holiday feast always features the French-Canadian meat pies.

Handwritten History

My mother used to start writing notes to friends and addressing Christmas cards the first week in December.  She had the most beautiful handwriting, having been schooled in the Palmer Method.  Even her quick “scribbling” was an attractive conglomeration of swoops and flourishes.  I treasure her knitting instructions, recipe cards and letters as part of our family history.

Eco-Friendly Wrapping Ideas

In a few months, Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor will celebrate its 30th anniversary.  As we designed our 2016 calendar, we used the opportunity to renew our commitment to our environment and to announce our Trash Responsibly™ campaign.  We hope you will join us to make some responsible choices that will have a positive impact on our Blackstone Valley during the holidays.  Let’s start with holiday gift wrapping.