This neighborhood plan was designated as 2013's Outstanding Smart Growth Plan because it demonstrates innovative planning principles and measures that create sustainable neighborhoods that have long lasting value. While working on the steering committee of the Woonsocket Main Street Livability Plan (WMSLP) project, staff from Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor actively helped to introduce and preserve the heritage landscape in the City's downtown planning efforts. The WMSLP is intended to corral and build upon the strengths of recent successes and trends in the City in order to jump-start revitalization of the Main Street area. The WMSLP makes suggestions in key subject areas, including the planned and coordinated streetscape and transportation improvements, changes to land use regulations and enhanced bicycle and pedestrian amenities. The City's goal is to reinvigorate and reposition the historic Main Street area as a more livable, vibrant and pedestrian-friendly district. Both the process and the plan itself reflect a high quality approach, as well as innovative and "SMART" recommendations (specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable and timely).

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