Our DeTours are a good thing! They take you on special thematic adventures in the National Heritage Corridor. Experience "Three Centuries in Three Miles" in lovely Lincoln, RI. Hike, bike, canoe or kayak on a Blackstone Valley Canal Tour through Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Lose yourself in a "Landscape of Industry" as you travel from village to village. Pass through a time portal by taking "A Walk in Whitinsville" in Massachusetts. Getting off the beaten path can open a whole other world.

Great Road, Lincoln, Rhode Island


A trip back in time…Travel the Great Road, a colonial highway laid out in 1683, and enjoy historic Lincoln and its many early-period structures.

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Blackstone Canal


Hike or bike…Canoe or hike. There are many ways to tour the historic Blackstone Canal which was completed in 1828.

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Industrial History


Landscape of Industry…

Drive through the remarkably intact Blackstone Valley and see where the American Industrial Revolution occurred.

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Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 3.46.59 PM

Visit art galleries, the ice creamery, Castle Hill Farm, and the mills that made the machines the other mills used – all in the charming town of Whitinsville.

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