Kelly House Replica Barn. Photo: Carol Dandrade.
Kelly House Replica Barn. Photo: Carol Dandrade.

Includes the villages of Manville, Albion, Lime Rock, Lonsdale, Fairlawn, Quinnville and Saylesville

Settled in the 17th century, Incorporated in 1871

  • Lincoln was a part of Smithfield until 1871
  • Limestone quarrying has been a major staple in the village of Lime Rock since the colonial era
  • Saylesville Meeting House is one of the oldest surviving Quaker Meetinghouses in New England
  • The name Albion comes from the oldest known name for the island of Great Britain
  • Great Road is the oldest highway in Rhode Island, having been the major road from Providence, RI to Worcester, MA
  • Hearthside House was built in 1810 by Stephen Hopkins Smith. He built the house with winnings from the Louisiana State Lottery in order to win the love of a Providence woman. Unfortunately, this home with a fireplace in each of its 10 rooms, was not enough to win her over.

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