Photograph by Kimberly Pacitto

Includes the villages of Ashton, Albion, Lonsdale and Valley Falls

Settled in 1635, Incorporated as a town in 1730 and as a city in 1895

  • The Nine Men’s Misery is the oldest Veteran’s Memorials in the country and located at the current location of the Cumberland Library. During King Phillip’s War, 9 Colonial soldiers were held prisoner by the Narragansett warriors and killed at this site.
  • In 1953 Martin Chased opened Ann & Hope, America’s first discount department store.
  • William Blackstone was the first European to settle and live in Cumberland
  • Town was named in honor of Prince William, Duke of Cumberland
  • The first power looms were manufactured here
  • In 2014 the Cumberland American Little League team won the New England Regional Little League Baseball Championship and went to the Little League World Series

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